Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One Poem - Ben Nardolilli

No New Wave

“Cycling across a wilderness of snow”
-    J. Grunthaner

In search of an active walking life,
He goes alight much too often,
Breath? He takes it with the sunrise,
Among the still, orchidaceous
Chrome of cars waiting for commuters.

Not everything demands an interview,
Though the voices of curious objects
Conduct their wet questions to him
With the greatest ease and fashion,
Birds want to know the most about him.

All he can offer is a metallic reference,
And try to be a hero to the apartments
By removing litter and clippings
From the sidewalks without compensation,
Voices of floating girls are his pay.

Ben Nardolilli is a twenty five year old writer currently living in Arlington, Virginia. A chapbook, Common Symptoms of an Enduring Chill Explained, has been published by Folded Word Press. He maintains a blog at mirrorsponge.blogspot.com and is looking to publish his first novel.

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