Journals etc

A list of journals and the like that accept submissions and that we recommend. If you want anything added to the list, or if there is any incorrect information, please email the usual address (see Submissions page).

3am Magazine --

Ambit Magazine -- "Ambit magazine is a literary and artwork quarterly created in London, published in the UK, and read internationally". [Print. Paid.] 

Agenda --

Cadaverine Magazine -- "an Arts Council funded e-zine, independent press and writers’ group publishing and facilitating the best new writing from under 30". [Online. Unpaid. Ed. David Tait.]

The North -- 

Speech Therapy -- "Speech Therapy aims to publish poetry that will promote the talents of new and established writers from the North of Ireland and beyond". [Online. Unpaid. Ed. Colin Dardis]

The Wolf Magazine -- "a leading independent poetry magazine in the UK." [Print. Ed. James Byrne]

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