Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Over the coming months, we are putting together what we plan on being exhaustive coverage of the best writing being produced at the moment on the various Creative Writing courses in the UK. My own feelings on Creative Writing as a subject are mixed, but it is irrefutable that there is a lot of talent being nourished by these courses, or at the very least a lot of talented writers participating in them, and it is our aim to help promote them and expose their work.

Beginning with UEA (purely for practical reasons: I am Norwich based and doing English & Creative Writing), we are going to hunt down a representative sample of what is being produced by these writers at BA, MA, PhD level and beyond. If you are an undergrad at UEA, on the esteemed MA course, studying for your PhD or would simply like to recommend someone on one of the courses we should look at, don’t hesitate to get in touch at Equally, if you're not on the course but are at UEA and interested in submitting, please feel free to do so.

Once we’ve gathered interest we’ll be setting a deadline for entries. Until then, we look forward to hearing from you.

NB. Of course, we're not looking to categorise or tag individual writers as 'UEA' or 'xyz school' writers, merely to help promote good work using an, to an extent, arbitrary backbone of classification. I think the best thing about this endeavor will be the difference, the wild variety of styles being produced, and the impossibility of defining a generic style that can be tagged under the heading of whatever school is being featured.

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