Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Two Poems - Gareth Trew

Kalgoorlie In Five Senses

The gentle, dry chill of winter;
the thrill of saltbush on my tongue.

The endless stretch of red-dirt road;
the smell of almond flowers, smoke.

Nan's quavering voice;
Pop's slow, shuffling steps.


More years have passed
than are comfortably countable,
since that day I chased you

across our school oval,
shrieking your triumph

You no longer care for art – spend the days
plotting getaways with your boyfriend,
planning for a mortgage –

but that doesn't dull the moment
when at last I'd caught you up
and my words began to register:

the slow ignition of your grin;
your blush; the pride in your eyes
as they teared with disbelief.

These days, it's my turn
to smile and cry.

Gareth Trew is a young Australian poet who lives in a state of constant confusion. As well as creative writing, he is keenly interested in the performing arts -- particularly acting, though he does dabble in directing on occasion and likes to think he can sing.

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