Thursday, 17 March 2011

Iain Britton - One Poem

hydrangea translucency

hunched converts
barricade the only road out
they huff ‘n puff into groups -
with long-stemmed bazookas 
tucked under fierce thoughts
all walks of life front up      uniformed/    and ready
            to take sides
            choose colours / mascots / a sponsored drink
the blue hydrangeas hang heavy now

mine enemies

have chosen the ghettos to play in/have infiltrated the ranks/
intermarried/mongreled-up their relationships
and encouraged a squashed-in/each-to-themselves
failed mentality
                        I’ve chosen to be
where forests of tower blocks
peer down from penthouse heights where sacrificial lambs
breed randomly
oblivious of the promised slaughter
once cut     
the blue hydrangeas stoop to conquer
with you       the day’s heat 
has a lot to do with people’s actions – it’s a question
of summing up a scene – charging at the logo’d 
firebrands – splitting asunder the cordons
of do not enter this estate – a question of how to proceed
to the piled-up resistance further on     is considered
a strange translucency makes the going clearer
we’re set on blowing the hostiles

straight up the chorusing chimneys
you show me
           a gap in the horizon’s wall
                 and ‘mates rates’ for a holiday
                            free of book-banging rages
                    you display mug shots
in favour of John the Baptist 
      I smell meat loaves     cooking
                              being sliced
                              for human consumption
the house I built
   floats on a red sea of dyed grass

Iain Britton has published poetry internationally in magazines such as Agenda, Stand, The Reader, Warwick Review, Wolf Magazine, Nth Position, Blackbox Manifold, Jacket, and Harvard Review. Oystercatcher Press published his third collection in 2009, and his fourth is available now from Kilmog Press. You can read a recent ebook of his here:

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