Thursday 19 August 2010

Two Poems - Colin Dardis

The Warmth of Ice

No carving, chip of chisel knocking.
Cool smooth curls of fresh skin
brush pass me as autumn air,
a fabric weaved to perfection.

My kisses skate
over the frozen lake cheeks,
soft ice warmed with beauty.

Oh angel in my bed,
come flatten out
the creases between us
and let our love be
as calm and peaceful
as your image is
with candescent lips, bedtime cheeks.

On Mistakes In Drawings

I make my drawings
in pen, permanent marker;
no HB graphite shit for me,
that’s stuff for the fakers
and the patient.

I draw fast,
lopping arcs of pendulum ink
swing across the page.
More often than not,
a line goes out of orbit
and I cannot erase.

You work with your mistakes,
blend them into the whole,
another word in the silent poetry.

If art reflects life
then there should be no chances
for corrections.
Hold the artist accountable
and let the canvas be his guilt.

Colin Dardis is a writer and artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland . He helps run a monthly open mic poetry night called Make Yourself Heard, and edits a small poetry journal called Speech Therapy.

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