Monday 4 July 2011

One Poem - Colin Dardis

Dead Men Wait For Us
Dead men wait for us,
camera shutter eyes breeding patience.
Their wait is one of longevity and longing,
the fox waiting to ensnare failure,
the lioness camping down in salt mine plains.
In our magnificence
we produce eternal marvels of unwieldy whimsy,
secure in shared communion, only bowing down
to each other in fleeting moments of recognition
until the mirror purrs against our egos.
We shall never die
as energy is never relinquished from this world,
our infinities measured out in uncountable decades;
we control the sun, never caring to see dawn,
tomorrow dying in the promise of today.
Born at the tail end of the seventies in Northern Ireland , Colin Dardis is a poet, artist, and sometimes musician. He edits Speech Therapy, an online zine focusing on poetry from Ireland and beyond. His first collection, 'left of soul' is available via His work has been previously published in 34th Parallel, Fire, Stimulus Respond, Fuselit, Decanto, Revival, Blazevox, Gutter Eloquence and elsewhere. His poem 'Perhaps', won the EditRed.Com 2006 Writer’s Choice Award for Poetry

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  1. I found this poem both enjoyable and admirable. Colin Dardis is a poet whose work is consistently interesting, skillful and moving. 'We produce eternal marvels of unwieldy whimsy' is such a memorable line. Having read Left of Soul and much more of his writing, I knew what to expect from him - good poetry.


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