Thursday, 15 April 2010

One Poem - Nikki Dudley

Hi all!

As if you taught me how to hop again in the middle

of hurricanes and punch tuition, I lost the


That cancer beating your chest like a second

heart like nothing ever lived when people lined

upwards to see/speak/scratch and no one

heard in the dark the soul in tune
the light of death.

Across London , scanning words to find the tears in the day
for love, you emailed me between the madness and monotony and mould >

right soon,

we’ll write this soon but weight in your cheeks
much rosier now

I can’t turn you white again, with the powder of pounds ground
our hearts, hold on, put them in a pile and we’ll start

a gain feels like something and nothing

when I think about white spaces, white spaces and right foolishness
I never seen you


Bio:Nikki lives and works in london. She did her BA and MA at Roehampton. Nikki has been published in several poetry magazines and online. Her novel, Ellipsis, is being published by Sparkling Books April 26th 2010.

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