Saturday, 17 April 2010

One Poem - Shawn Misener

Time Lapse Relapse

The opioid agonist couldn't stop his addiction to the human

in real time he flayed government sushi and listened
to free jazz swimming in a lute of flat champagne

in dreams he sauntered up to surly women apologetic
and asked to paint purple bags under their eyes

he pumped up his horse calves with cardboard steroids
sulking to the liquidated record shop
engaging Ornette Coleman in the darkest corners
posting crucifixion poems on the Pope's private website

the bugs under the floorboards knew him by first name only
he charmed them into sleep with soft rounded edges
and generic pink oval songs about liver failure and constipation

Bio: Shawn Misener lives and writes in Michigan. He is a staff writer for Haggard & Halloo, and his first full-length book of poetry, God Sheds His Gravy On Thee, is set for release in summer 2010. He also edits Clutching at Straws, a blogazine dedicated to surreal and absurd poetry co-edited by a Proboscis Monkey named Discarded Kiwi. You can find more of his work at Zygote In My Coffee, decomP, Madswirl, Calliope Nerve, Origami Condom, Deuce Coupe, Gutter Eloquence, Red Fez, and other places where things happen and only some people notice. He's happy to be alive.

1 comment:

  1. From one fellow poet to another: Shawn, your work is the shit, brother. Keep writing.


    Mitch James


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