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There are no meticulous rules or guidelines for submissions beyond the obvious: 2-3 stories, up to 6 poems, essays/reviews not to exceed roughly 5000 words, though of course feel free to get in touch if you'd like to break any of these rules. Absolutely no simultaneous submissions. There's nothing more irritating than taking the time to read someone's work only to have them opt out at the last minute. We accept previously published work providing it is not already available online (and if it is, why on earth are you submitting it here?) Collaborative work is encouraged, as are longer sequences which may have diffuculty finding publication elsewhere due to length. Again, any confusion or questions, drop us an email:

With fiction and poetry, we're more interested in nonmainstream work. We prefer reading The Wolf to The Rialto or Poetry Review. Again, though, the only real necessity is that it be excellent. We are especially interested in critical writing: reviews, philosophical essays, manifestos, rants. All should be properly referenced &c&c. Music reviews/essays are encouraged. Ditto film. Providing, of course, an attention to interpretation, reading, language, textuality, is at the core.

The editors get excited by: Keston Sutherland, Luke Kennard, Emily Critchley, Tom Chivers, Tim Lilburn, Jorie Graham, Jacques Derrida, Martin Heidegger, George Oppen, W.S. Graham, Denise Riley, J.H. Prynne and so on and so on, so go figure.

We look forward to reading your work. Our response time is between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on how busy we are ('we' meaning 'I' most of the time, as in just me, as in god help you) in our real lives. Feel free to email and check up if you think we are dragging our heels. If you want to send us bribes/money/sexual favours/long out of print books/rare translations this will dramatically increase your chances of publication and future praise. If you send abuse for any reason we will publish it in our forthcoming 'Dickheads' page for the world to see. In case you missed it, all submissions and ephemera to be sent to:

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