Friday, 16 April 2010


First of all, a new blog I just stumbled across by Andy Spragg, Miso Sensitive. Only one post so far but well worth watching.

Secondly, for about a week now I've been meaning to write about a site called Silkworms Ink, but due to a busy schedule it's only getting posted now, on the day they publish a sequence of my prose-poetry. Please just ignore this fact (well, for the extent of this post). Anyway, it's a beautifully designed site you should certainly check out. They have T-shirts for sale, a whole selection of illustrated chapbooks, daily poetry and prose, and are, I believe, looking for illustrators. In terms of writing, they seem to lean slightly towards the experimental, but either way, wholly recommended you take a look. It's the kind of website worth your time, doing something genuinely interesting, and those T-shirts really are lovely. Here is the opening poem from their latest chapbook, Hot Mamas and Little Gangsters by Kyle Hemmings:

Bunny Slippers

I ditched my blind date
a girl named "Cinderella Spice"
for a trip to the bar
where this black dude
with green contact lenses
and combat jacket
was selling blue-ray porno flicks
at a discount.
At home, watching the chick
through the V-shaped space
between my cold feet. She refers
to one breast as "Moonwalk"
and the other as “Billy Jean”
and then looking directly at me
says how lonely she is
since her man left her
for some “ugly bitch”
who lives in bunny slippers.

Thirdly, keep an eye out on your keyboard, poised ready to spring: we have a couple of reviews pending and much new writing on its way. Keep sending!

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